Side hustles for single moms

Marivic Flaherty


Single moms know how difficult to live in the world with their children. Significantly, single moms without financial support should struggle to maintain all the costs for themselves and their children. 

The problems should be solved if a single mom has a good income. Single moms who work at an office can easily expense the necessary cost for their families. But, women who do not have a job should find a suitable job. In this article, we will discuss some side hustles for single moms that can resource money for women.

Some side hustles for single moms

Many works are suitable for taking as a profession. But only some of the pieces are suitable for women. Significantly, single moms can only go somewhere which are so far from their houses. Moreover, working very hard is difficult for single moms. So, they must choose the work as their profession very carefully.

  • Be a graphics designer.
Become a graphics designer

You can easily earn money from home if you are a single mom with good-quality graphics design. But, you must train about this topic and practice to make yourself efficient in this job. After that, you can find jobs on freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer or create your profile on LinkedIn. 

Earning money from graphics designing is a good option for women. Moreover, there are a huge number of women who like designing, and their skills are better than men. So, single mothers can use the opportunity to earn extra money.

  • Start online teaching
Start online teaching

Educated women should maintain courage. There are many opportunities for educated people in several sectors. You can earn money teaching students if you know a specific subject well. But, you have to remember that teaching is such a profession that requires much study and skill. So, you have to be skilled in your sector.

Online teaching is a popular way of earning money in this modern era. Many students were worried about their education during the Covid pandemic, but online teaching opened the door to learning. Still, the online teaching and learning process is very popular because teachers and students can perform their duties without going to class. It is necessary for a single mom because she can fulfill her duty besides maintaining her family and children.

  • Take online surveys
Take online surveys

An online survey is a questionnaire to the general public necessary for improving some companies’ conditions. There are several paid surveys, and they give a lot of money to the people. A single mother can easily start online surveys and keep an impact on her family. It will open the door to income and save her and her children from poverty.

The affiliate marketing business is very popular and easy to perform at home. If you want to start this job, you have to take training from a renowned institution. Finally, you can begin to work to earn money from home. But, affiliate marketing is a complex process of making money, and it is possible to complete by a single person. So, you can also hire some workers and complete the work entirely. Hiring the other single mother is the best way because they also can overcome poverty as you did.

  • Article writing
Start freelance writing

Affiliate marketing is a part of affiliate marketing. So, you can easily perform article writing at your home. Before starting this profession, you have to increase your writing skill. Then you should create your account in online marketplaces. Finally, when you get your desired job, you can start writing

  • Be a website developer.
Software Developer

Website development is a hard task. But, it is possible for people who can struggle a lot. If you have a good quality computer and internet connection in your house, you can take a course from a reputed institution that gives several trainings in website development. 

Being a successful website developer is a time-worthy task. So, you must wait until you get a good order from a client or any institution.

  • Start a grocery shop.
Start a grocery shop.

The grocery business is profitable and a good way to earn money. If you have a little investment, you should not worry. You can find a grocery shop with essential products. When you profit, you can enlarge your business by taking more products. 

You can also start a home delivery service from your grocery shop. If you take some assistants and activate this service, it will make your business more popular.

  • Sell your handmade products/crafts.
Sell handmade products

Some women have hidden talents but can not utilize them because of the lack of proper culture. Handmade crafts are very popular because fancy people use the items to decorate their houses, offices, and business farms. If you can start your crafts business today, you can make your business larger, although your business is small now.

  • Start proofreading
Start proofreading

Proofreading is another popular profession for people who like to work from home. If you are a single mom and want a side hustle, you can learn how to become a good proofreader. You can learn it from an institution and then start the work. Earning more than $50000 monthly is possible if your skill is well in this job.

There are also several proofreading jobs in online marketplaces. To get these jobs, you must create an account on Fiverr or Upwork and then try to be hired.

  • Make a Shopify store.
How can I make money on the Shopify store

There is an excellent chance of a huge income to make money from a Shopify store. Affiliate marketing, dropshipping, flipping Shopify stores, etc., are the appropriate ways of making money from Shopify.

  • Earn money from Sproutgigs.
Earn money from Sproutgigs

It is a good website for making money online using your mobile phone or computer. If you are a single mom and need cash, you can create an account in Sproutgigs and complete the short links and other small tasks. Some larger jobs take more time to solve. You can easily do these tasks because you have sufficient time to invest in earning money to maintain your family. You should carefully complete the short links on this site because some sites charge cash.

  • Be a voiceover artist.
Be a voiceover artist

If you are confident with your voice, you can apply for the post of e-book reader. But, you must have the practice of speaking fluently. You can earn about $35 to $350 as a voice cover artist. However, if your performance and pronunciation improve, your income can be increased.

  • Start a selling course online.
Start a selling course online

Several unemployed people are looking for trusted business or job ideas but are disappointed. If you can do something, you can be an inspiration for people. First, you must try to find a way of selling business. You can sell many beautiful products that are essential for girls or children. Finally, when you can succeed in your business, you will start a course for the people eager to learn the process. It is a way of extra income.

  • Babysitting

As a single mom, why are you searching for a job? You can not but do a job, because you have to resource money for your children. Babysitting can be one of the best jobs because you have experience maintaining your children.

Some parents need help to spend proper time with their families. Both spouses are busy at their offices, so their children become alone at home. As a single mom, you can be hired to look after their children. You can easily take care of your children besides the others.

  • Pet sitting

It is another easy and interesting job for single mothers. Many Americans keep pets like dogs or cats at their houses. But they need more time to care for the pet animals the entire day. So, they sometimes hire unemployed people to care for the animals. 

You can easily apply for this job if you are a single mother and need money. Then, if you are selected, you can start walking with the pet animals and earn money easily. Caring for pet animals is enjoyable because you can walk around performing your duty.

  • Rent your house
Rent your house

Are you an owner of a big house? If you have some extra rooms in your home that remain unnecessary, you can utilize them to earn extra money. In this way, you do not have to do any extra work. Instead, you just rent the house, and the dwellers will give you money at the end of the month.

If you have extra and unused money, you can build additional rooms at your home. It will open the door to an extra income sufficient to carry all of your family’s costs.

  • Make a YouTube channel.

YouTube is such a medium that gives us the opportunity of gaining knowledge. There are a huge amount of videos on YuoTube on several topics. But YouTube also gives a chance to earn money. If you have a good knowledge of any specific case and can discuss it within a few minutes, you can make some tutorial videos on YouTube. If you get more viewers, the YouTube authority will give you more money. Moreover, the silver and golden play buttons are the available gifts from YouTube that are also valuable.

There is also another way to earn money from YouTube vlogs. If your contents are famous, some product companies may communicate with you to publish their products on your channel. You can easily get money from every ad, but it is a passive income.

  • Sell products online
Sell products online

To do this task successfully, you must have good business knowledge. First, you have to collect some products within a suitable price range to sell and make a good profit. Post some advertisements on social media, including Facebook and YouTube, or use Google ads. If you get a much profit, you may increase your business and develop it gradually.

  • Start tech repairing
 Start tech repairing

Do you have any experience in repairing tech-related products? If you understand the functions and can solve the issues of the products, you can use this efficiency to improve the outcomes of the consumers. You can earn a sufficient amount of money in this way that can be appropriate for maintaining all family costs.

  • Sell your jewelry
Sell your jewelry

Ladies may have some jewelry items. She may only use some of the things. Instead, some items may be retained. So, if you need some money to spend with your children, you can sell the ornaments. Generally, the price of jewelry does not decrease.

  • Make lesson plans
Make lesson plans

Some teachers in several types of academic institutions hate preparing lesson plans. So, they hire some workers with good education and can prepare lesson plans according to the necessity. You can choose this job to earn money and spend after your family if you have a good educational qualification. However, you must gather a slight teaching experience to be a good lesson planner.

  • Sell e-books
Sell e-books

Nowadays, e-books have become very popular. They are not difficult to carry, and they are also easy to open and read everywhere. So, you must collect the e-books from online stores and sell them by directly communicating with the consumers. The social media platforms are suitable to publish these products, price and find the target customers quickly.

  • Start programming
Start programming

There is no doubt programming is one of the ways of making a large amount of money. The task is hard and needs much hard work and patience. But, if you can be a good programmer once, your income will gradually increase. 

First, you have to learn programming from experienced and successful programmers who earn a lot of money from programming. You can take some online courses and learn good programming. Finally, when you go to marketplaces, you can easily start earning.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

If you can rank the websites, you can earn sufficient monthly money. But, you must learn about the entire process of SEO and then try to find clients from marketplaces. If you know SEO, you can also make your blog sites. If you can gather more traffic here, you can easily earn money from Google ads. Moreover, there is also an opportunity to earn through affiliate marketing, but you have to sell products using your website.

  • Translator

There are available translating jobs in several online marketplaces. If you want to do this job, you must have sufficient knowledge of English and any other language with which you could be more friendly. If you are skilled in translation, you can earn from $3000 to $6000 monthly.

What should a woman consider before involving in any side hustle?

What should a woman consider before involving in any side hustle?

Performing a job can be more difficult for a single mother. First, she is only appropriate to do some tasks like men because she may need more strength to do all types of hard activities. Moreover, a single mother must maintain the family and care for her children. So, there are several essential things to consider before starting any job.

i) Time management

If the job needs so much time that the single mom can not take care of her children, she can not be involved in this job.

ii) Place

Working outside the home is possible for a single mother, but her workplace should be close to her house. It is very difficult to take long daily journeys besides maintaining a family. However, work-from-home jobs are the best solution for single mothers.

iii) Salary

Every task can only be considered as good with a good salary. A worker should be careful about it when she is engaged in contact. If the pay is so low that she can not maintain all the tasks of her family, she should leave the job.

iv) Working capability

Some works need to practice at a tender age. Suppose you are over 40 and start learning to code; you can not do well in your job. Because coding is a hard task, you must spend a lot of time learning it properly. But, several easier tasks like data entry, digital marketing, or publishing videos on YouTube channels; can be performed at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best side hustle for a single mom?

There are several side hustles, and they are suitable for single moms. Editing, proofreading, YouTube vlogging, opening an online store, coding, health consulting, digital marketing, etc., are popular tasks for women to get side income easily. Moreover, some of these tasks also help to get passive income; that means you can earn money although you have stopped working there.

Are single moms considered ‘bad’ in their working sectors?

Not at all; all single moms should be responsible for maintaining their families. So, they should be very serious about their work because they must work properly and earn enough money for their children. 

Bottom lines

Single moms may lose their husbands or become separated in any unwanted situation. But they should not be disappointed. Significantly, they must be careful about their children because they depend on their moms. The side hustles are necessary for single moms who have to maintain all of the costs of the family. Moreover, they can get good salaries because a job ensures sufficient money at the end of the month.


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