How do I make money on Shopify with no money?

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Making money without any investment is now a challenging task. No one can do it without generating a good idea about a Shopify store and business.

What is a Shopify store?

Shopify store

A Shopify store is an e-commerce platform. It helps to make small stores online for selling the products worldwide without storing them in a storehouse. It is also good for beginners because it is user-friendly and easy to use.

Shopify is a popular sales platform. It is a subscription-based software-as-a-service (SaaS). If you want to make an online marketplace or a modern online store, you can use Shopify.

Do you want to make money without any investment? 

Shopify is the perfect platform for you.

How can I make money on the Shopify store?

Making money on the Shopify store is an easy task. You should follow the rules carefully and maintain them continuously.

How can I make money on the Shopify store

Step 1: Get a business idea.

A business plan is crucial to setting your business’s clear goals. It also includes how much time you want to take to set up your business and

There are many types of profitable business ideas. Cloth selling, delivering foods, selling art and craft items, becoming a fitness instructor, dropshipping the products, writing or translating jobs, etc., are common ideas. You can also consult a successful businessperson about which business is most suitable to run successfully on Shopify.

Step 2: Set up an e-commerce store.

Set up an e-commerce store

You can start any business using your Shopify store, but first, you must set up an e-commerce store. By using the store, every purchaser can get the foods and products online if you can build a quality website, and therefore, you get the target customers here.

Step 3: Make a business plan.

Business Plan

To grow your business properly, you must make a fruitful business plan. Your company description, products, services, market research, financial plan, market strategy, etc., are the essential elements of your business plan. A good outline can provide a good result for your institution.

The business plan depends on several things.

i) Target the customers

Each customer is different according to gender, age, profession, and other criteria. You should fix which customer is your actual target and then select the products for running the business in Shopify.

ii) Fix the goal

It is a mandatory thing for every business. Before starting, decide what you want to do with your company. Therefore, you can get a better result.

iii) Get a partner.

To expand the business, you must have sufficient money. If you do not have it, you should find a business partner. Be careful; your partner must have a good idea about business; otherwise, he cannot give the proper service.

Step 4: Select a suitable name for your business.

A catchy and recognizable name is helpful for the proper advertisement of any business. Significantly, the title is mandatory when your business is in a Shopify store related to drop shipping. Set up a title for your business so people can easily understand it.

Step 05: Search for funding

Although starting a business on Shopify is possible without investing money, you can invest if you want to grow it. You can expense your business from your funding if you have it. Otherwise, you may have to withdraw a sufficient loan to start a business. But it is better to start your business with your funding if it is possible to make money on Shopify with little or no money.

Show me the names of some Shopify stores in detail.

There are some popular Shopify stores, and they have some different characteristics. Now, we are presenting their details.

i) BetterReplay

BetterReplay can be considered one of the best Shopify stores because it provides the sellers with a live recording of the purchaser’s interaction. So, when you choose BetterReplay as your Shopify store, you can directly understand how customers interact with your products.

ii) Shopify Email

This feature is another excellent option for marketing through a Shopify store. If you have a Shopify store and want to send some branded emails to the subscribers of your Shopify store, you can use this app.

iii) Silk and Willow

Silk and Willow is an environmentally conscious store for their manufactured products. Shellie Pomery is the founder of Silk and Willow. She was a graphic designer and started making fabrics with natural dyes. Silk and Yellow are good choices for purchasing handmade stationery from the site.

iv) Florist

It is a popular flour shop. Like a fresh blooming bouquet, the provided milked flour will give you a good taste. However, Florist is a Canadian family farm selling delicious foods. You can also order pizza from this shop.

v) HelmBoots

It is also a popular online Shopify store for purchasing beautiful boots from its collection. A huge number of users choose elegant and extraordinary-looking boots. ensures an easy purchase from the online Shopify store.

vi) PopSockets

It is a Shopify store for stylish phone accessories. If you want to make your phone more glamorous with a great outlook, search the store online. This store has several designs and colors of the phone back parts, which will give you much fun using your phone. You can easily order and shop for their products online.

vii) Ghostly Store

The Ghostly International Store has a collection of beautiful T-shirts, umbrellas, bags, caps, and other essential items. You will get free shipping if you purchase the product for over $150. However, the consequences of the Ghostly Store are standard, and they have an excellent outlook, which can easily impress the customers.

viii) Pipcorn

To purchase popcorn and snacks from home, you should browse It gives you a home delivery service to deliver delicious food items to your home.

ix) Taylor Stitch

If you want to purchase a beautiful and smart men’s clothing collection, you can browse Taylor Stitch. It uses a website and excellent photography to boost sales. A cotton hemp tee, Loafer, Tinder box, short-sleeve officer shirt, Fall line pullover, etc., are available on this website. If you want to purchase the products, you have to browse and click the Shop Now option on the specific product.

x) Ventana supplies

The Ventana is the perfect Shopify store to deliver surfing items to your house. Visit and click the Add to Cart option.

xi) AllPlants

If you want to taste healthy foods made at home by professional chefs, browse If you’re going to taste the food, click on the “Add” option and then select the size. It is also a Shopify store. So, you will get home food delivery.

xii) Master and Dynamic is a popular Shopify store for professional wireless headphones. The spectacular design and precision fitting of the headphones made this company popular. It is a Shopify store that ensures product delivery to the homes of the target customers.

What are the disadvantages of Shopify stores?

What are the disadvantages of Shopify stores

Shopify is a popular concept for making money without investment and reaching the products to the target customers. Still, there are some disadvantages to the stores.

i) Expensive

You can start a Shopify store with no investment, but you have to pay if you want to make your business larger and sell more products because the premium feature of a Shopify store takes investment. But if you can earn sufficient revenue, the Shopify store will return the entire cost and give you more money. So, you must select suitable products to attract more customers when using the premium version.

ii) Limited product designs

Despite having a wide range of Shopify product collections, you may face the problem of inadequacy. When you want to change your store by arranging more products with different designs, Shoppify will not be easy. In this situation, you must hire a designer to update the products.

iii) Transaction fee

Sometimes, the transaction fee for maintaining a business in a Shopify store can be high. Moreover, payment processing can only be easy if your country approves it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I make money on Amazon without any money?

If you do not want to invest anything but want to earn money, you can also use Amazon. It is a very popular website worldwide, and making money with the affiliate service of Amazon is highly possible. You should know how to open affiliate sites and post product photos with sufficient details.

How long does it take to make money on Shopify?

A Shopify store is an excellent money-making platform. How long does it take to make the money? It’s a vital question because the users wait to earn, and if they get the targeted cash, they can succeed online. Generally, a Shopify store takes days, weeks, or even several months to make a profit.

How can I make money by dropshipping on Shopify?

When a person wants to start a small business without money, he should begin to drop ship. It is a popular idea to make money without any investment. Significantly, the Shopify stores are related to the dropshipping process. So, you must find a popular Shopify store online and start this business. You must discover the dropshipping suppliers and the target customers to start the business process. Make a website to attract customers. When customers purchase the products on your website, you will get the benefit, but no investment is required here.

Bottom lines

So, it is easy now to make money with a Shopify store. Be careful; you should always update the products in this store according to the user’s choices. With a proper product selection according to demand and the market, your Shopify store will succeed soon.


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