I Need Money Now! What Can I Do?

Marivic Flaherty


Money is one of the most essential items in our lives. It becomes easier to do the necessary tasks with sufficient money. But what should you do when you have no money in your pocket?

There are several ways of getting money at a time when it is very necessary. Some of the ways are very easy, and the rest of the ways are hard. Now, we will discuss how you can get money in your difficulty.

Some ways of getting money

Read the following ways carefully and apply them to get money into your pocket. 

i) Sell spare items

Sell spare items

Some items in your house could be more useful. The items can be your clothes, electrical items, home appliances, types of furniture, vehicles, etc. 

There is a big thing about selling spare items: their credit requirements. If you think any item will give you bad credit, you should sell the other things. You should judge the reselling value of each product before purchasing it. Posting product photos on an online marketplace is the best option to get customers.

ii) Borrow from your friend or relatives

If money is argent at the moment but can not afford it, you must search for a friend or relative who can lend you sufficient money. It is a common way to get money when you badly need it. Borrowing money is better than selling products because, in this way, you do not have to lose the product’s value. 

Be careful, and you must repay the money at a time. Otherwise, you will lose your relationship with the person you borrowed from.

However, borrowing money from your friends or family is a better option than taking a loan from a bank because it does not take any interest fee from you.

iii) Apply for a loan

Apply for a loan

If you want to take a sufficient amount of money for a short or a long time, you must apply for a personal loan. To get it, you must have a bank account, and you have to mortgage your properties. The amount of properties will depend on how much loan you want to take.

Applying for a loan is risky because you must lose your property if you can not repay the money in time. Moreover, you have to pay a significant amount of interest, which is a loss of money. So, if you can manage the money from your friends, family, and relatives, you should abstain from taking a large loan.

iv) Freelance on Fiverr

Freelance on Fiverr

If you have a good idea and practice freelancing, you should be fine with the lack of money. You can easily earn from Upwork, freelancer.com, or Fiverr by working. You can earn money through online sites without joining any office. 

It is only possible to earn from Upwork or Fiverr with good training. So, you should take sufficient training from any reputed institution and practice your work properly.

v) Borrow money against your life insurance

 You can borrow sufficient money from here with a life insurance policy. But, the amount should be, at most, the amount you are permitted to take. The amount of borrowing money differs according to the insurance company’s rules. Most insurance companies allow you to take up to 90% of the money. 

But you should repay the money immediately when you can. Otherwise, your nominee will not get the insurance service after your death.

vi) Start ridesharing

Start ridesharing

Now, ridesharing is a popular service for people in the city. If you have a bike, car, or other vehicle, you can use it to transport people. It is a profitable business, and even it can be your permanent occupation if you like it.

vii) Start a TaskRabbit job

A TaskRabbit job is servicing busy people against a specific amount of money. You can be a tasker to earn a sufficient amount of money. Suppose you know home repair well and want to earn something from it. So, you must be registered by the TaskRabbit authority and prove that you can do these tasks. In most cities, you can start working within four business days of finishing the registration. 

viii) Become a proofreader

Proofreading is not the task of writing for any website, but you are working to check the grammatical errors. You can earn sufficient money with good grammatical skills with this job.

ix) Take online surveys

Take online surveys

Earning from online surveys is not good for earning a huge amount of money. But, if you need money, you can take this job to fulfill your present demands. Significantly, the surveys will pay the money instantly if you can complete their tasks properly.

x) Take a dog-sitting job

Take a dog-sitting job

Dog sitting is a popular occupation or a suitable part-time job. Many people in America go for a tour and need dog sitters to take care of their pets. You can also start a babysitting job as your permanent occupation to care for the babies who spend a busy time at their offices or workplaces.

xi) Start a home delivery service

There is a huge number of people worldwide who want to take the essential products at their home without going to the market. As they take the service to decrease their labor, they pay the delivery man a sufficient amount. You can easily deliver their essential products to their houses and get a good amount. However, you can make the task easier if you have a motorbike or a bicycle and you use it.

xii) Earn by your passoinate work

Earn by your passoinate work

Suppose you are so interested in drawing or graphics design, and you badly need money now. There is a suitable way for you to make money easily. If you have any artwork, you can easily sell them to related institutions and earn a smart amount. Graphics designing is also related to the work, but you must have a good idea about designing by computer, and you can take the work to build up your freelancing career.

xiii) Borrow money against your retirement account

If you are an employee of a government office or a multinational company, you will get a profit after retirement. You must save sufficient money in your provident fund to get the amount. You can easily apply for the money as a condition of repaying it within a specific time. 

xiv) Choose an online lender to borrow money

Choose an online lender to borrow money

Sometimes you may need better credit, which may take over a month to solve. An online lender can give you sufficient money to survive. There is a significant disadvantage of online lenders. The rate of interest is high for this service. Although a flexible repayment option makes this service affordable, the high-interest rate obscures the advantage.

xv) Request for a payroll advance

Request for a payroll advance

You can request a payroll advance if you have an institution and some employees. It is a money lending service that is free from any interest. But, the repaying time should not cross the payday when the owner pays the employee’s salary. So, it is a short-time loan-taking policy.

xvi) Start foodblogging

Start foodblogging

Now, it is a good way to earn food blogging. You can start this job if you like eating and are interested in food. There are several ways of earning by food vlogging. You can upload your videos on youtube and earn money every month. Moreover, you may get sufficient money from the restaurant if you run their advertisements on your channel.  

xvii) Take your valuable items to a pawn shop

Take your valuable items to a pawn shop

There are some pawn shops available in your city. You can bring your jewelry made of gold here and withdraw a sufficient amount of money. But, here is a disadvantage that may be difficult to follow for some people. You have to repay the lending money in time. Otherwise, you will lose your pawn items.

The advantage of borrowing money from a pawn shop is that you should not go through a formal process this way. Moreover, a credit requirement is optional here. Just take the pawned item, and go to the loan provider. Keeping sufficient items can make you easily eligible for the loan.

xviii) Take a credit card advance

You can take a credit card advance to borrow money without any formality. This way is popular because it can be easy to withdraw money. However, using a credit card is less profitable for people who want to avoid paying the interest.

xix) Make money on Instagram  

Make money on Instagram

You may need more money in hand. But, if you have an Instagram account, you can easily earn money through social media. You should communicate with the work providers to get the earning. When you get the task, you must complete it timely.

xx) Merchandising


It is another occupation that can also be considered a good process of earning sufficient money. If you can attach photos of anything on the coffee mug or make a logo and attach it to the mug,  you can be a good merchandiser. This job is popular now because you can do it anytime. 

xxi) Write a book

Writers are benefitted in several ways. First, they can earn money by selling their books. Moreover, they can gain popularity and spread their thoughts among the general.

xxii) Sharing internet bandwidth

It is a passive income. Significantly, you do not need to do anything to earn with this process. You should share your Wi-Fi connection with the people beside you. There is a popular app to share the internet connection safely with the people beside us. The name of the app is Honeygain. You should first install this app on your computer. Now, check whether the app is running. This way, you can share your wifi with more more than two users. It is an excellent way to earn by renting the wifi service.

xxiii) Be an online tutor

Be an online tutor

If you are skillful in any subject, you can use it to earn money. Online tutoring is an excellent way that opens access to the earning possibility. First, you should research the topic which you are going to teach. Now, collect some students with an advertisement. You should publish your task in the advertisement in such a way that it can reach the target students. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get money immediately?

Small business is the best way to provide sufficient money within a short amount of time. You can easily set up the business by investing a short amount of money and earning from it. Sometimes it may be hard to earn money from a short business because you have to invest slightly to purchase the products. If you want money without investment, you can start a TaskRabbit job or borrow money from someone. These ways are simple and will not take any investment.

What is the best way to get money online?

The Internet is such a platform where a lot of tasks are available. If you invest proper time here, you can easily earn money. So, you must complete a course to learn the work properly. Finally, when you get clients on a marketplace like Fiverr, Freelancer, or Linkedin, you can easily earn sufficient money by submitting your work.

Bottom lines

It is challenging when you need money but can not manage it. But there are several ways of making money. Following the tasks mentioned in this article can easily earn sufficient money in a critical situation. However, your skill and choice will determine which work you should choose.


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