How to make money with your voice?

Marivic Flaherty


Has anyone admired your voice? Have you been told that your voice is excellent? Why waste your valuable time? You should start utilizing your voice to make money.

There are several ways of making money with voice. Significantly, a good voice is a talent only present in some. But, it can be acquired with more practice and hard work.

Become a voice actor.

Become a voice actor.

There are many popular cartoon serials worldwide, and they hire some voice actors to make the proper background sound for the characters. If your voice suits any character, you can apply for the job. Suppose you know a cartoon will be released very soon, and several voice actors are needed for the serial. You should immediately go to the production house and send an application form to them. They will call you to taste your voice. If you are okay with performing for the background, you can be selected and earn a lot of money.

Send your voice to Snap Recordings.

Send your voice to Snap Recordings

The is a popular site for voice artists. If you are a talented voice artist with a beautiful voice, you can send it to the site. They will choose your voice for professional works if your voice sounds better. 

Snap Recordings records the voices of talented performers to use them for the voice message of several business companies. So, if selected, voice artists can get a good commission from business institutions.

Narrate audiobooks

Some people feel comfortable listening to audiobooks instead of hard copies. So, audiobooks are popular in this generation. The audiobooks are uploaded online, and the owners of the websites can get a commission. You can give your voice to these sites if you are a good voice artist.

Become a podcaster

Become a podcaster

A podcaster tells several things online. They can tell children stories, popular stories, motivational tips, etc. The listeners will view the sites of the online podcasters. Therefore, the websites will be more popular and profitable.

Nowadays, podcasting is a popular occupation. If your voice is good and you are confident that listeners will appreciate your voice, you can start podcasting right now.

Start a YouTube channel.

Start a YouTube channel.

YouTube is an audio-visual basis social media platform. You can discuss any essential thing and post it on YouTube. However, your content should be standard. Otherwise, people will only take it occasionally. If you can be viral with your content, you can earn money from YouTube.

However, video standard is very important on YouTube, but if your voice is good, it will give you an extra benefit.

Sell local radio ads.

Sell local radio ads.

Local radio is a less competitive platform than online stores. People mostly choose online stores to purchase their desired products because an online store has a huge collection of products. But, if you want to become a voice artist, you can give your voice to local radio ads. 

These types of recordings should be high quality. So, you have to manage the following items to record the audio.

i) A soundproofing room.

ii) A well-capacity microphone.

iii) A voice editing software at your home.

Make product reviews

Make product reviews

Product manufacturing companies search for voice artists to review their products with a voice cover. If you have a suitable voice, you can send them the reviews of their products with your voice. Many companies seek talented voice artists to make voice covers for their products. The voice covers help to make the products more popular.

However, an impressive voice can easily increase the impression of a product. So, you should never give up the chance to earn money by providing this service.

This site is another website like snap recordings. Several institutions post the requirements of voice coverage. So, they want to hire the voice actors. You can apply to the company through the website if you are a talented voice artist. They will call you if your voice is selected according to their requirements. 

Voice Bunny

Voice Bunny

If you want to work on such a website with your voice that does not work with English but with other languages, you can choose it. 

This website has another advantage. You can set your rate, and the clients will find you after checking your gig. 

Use your unique voice to make money.

There is a huge number of voice artists worldwide. Michael Leslie Winslow is one of them. He had a unique voice and could make huge money because he was a famous artist. If you want to get a lot of money, you should be renowned by performing several performances.

However, you must be sure that your voice is unique. It is not possible to judge it by yourself. But, if anyone says your voice is unique, you can start practicing to join in any voice-related work. When you practice voice acting more and more, your voice will be much more euphonic.

Utilize your singing voice.

Utilize your singing voice

If you have a good voice, you can sing some beautiful songs. On Fiverr, there are many singing jobs available. However, you can sing o youtube channels also. Many popular singers became famous after uploading their excellent performances on youtube.

Use your deep voice.

Use your deep voice.

There are some people whose voices are too deep. But, if a man with a deep voice wants to income money, he must practice and culture regularly to make the sound melodious. He can work as a radio Jockey or post his voice on several marketplaces, including Fiverr.

Utilize your regular voice.

Do you need a better singing voice or a deep and excellent voice? Don’t worry; you can also earn with your regular voice. If you want, you can participate in a commentary box of a match, or you can perform an online commentary on a YouTube channel. Becoming a popular voice artist will make your regular voice famous.

What types of skills are necessary for performing a voice-acting job?

Some people get a good voice by being born. But, some others should acquire a good voice with training because they do not have such a beautiful voice. Some skills are essential for every voice artist. 

i) Get admitted to a training center

You should be perfectly trained if you think your voice is unsuitable for performing in any program. So, you must be admitted to a training center and learn to speak well. The trainers will give you the corrections of several techniques of speaking and voice acting properly.

ii) Get a certificate

This task is very important. Suppose your voice sounds very good, but no approval is in your hand. So, you must be admitted to the training center to be certified. This certification will ensure that you can start working in any institution. 

iii) Attend an audition

Now, you should be present at the audition place when the authority calls you. You are now ready to earn your voice cover/acting if selected in the final audition. But, in the freelancing sector, you should not physically go to the audition center. Instead, you can send your voice recording to the company and start working if they approve it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a good way to earn for voice artists? is a good site for earning money. It also provides available jobs for voice cover artists. But there is a problem with this site. Freelancer provides less money than other sites like Fiverr and Upwork. But, if you want to begin earning by freelancing, you can choose this site.

How can I sell my voice?

There are many ways of selling your voice. But the best way is to make an account on Fiverr or Upwork and then make a suitable gig according to your work. If your gig impresses the customers, you can use your voice to earn money.

However, other ways, including a voice cover in a radio station or a voice cover for a cartoon show, are also possible. You can be a news reader and earn money with your voice cover. So, there is no limitation to performing with your voice art.

How much money can I make if I become a voice cover artist?

The average annual salary of a voice cover artist is about $30000 to $100000. 

However, the average salary of a voice actor is about $37 per hour. But, if you are new to freelancing, you should advertise yourself, so you have to start working at $15 per hour. Gradually, you can increase your rate when you get several customers on Fiverr or Upwork.

Do you need any educational qualifications to become a voice cover artist?

A voice cover artist can be educated without being educated. If his voice is euphonic, he can perform even without academic education. But, education is necessary because a voice cover artist should read everything and make the voice cover. However, an educated artist can understand several difficult things about the topic that he says, but it is impossible for an uneducated artist.

How can I withdraw payment for my voice cover?

You can get sufficient payment if you properly complete your voice cover task. There are several payment methods for voice cover tasks. If you give the voice cover on Fiverr or Upwork, you will get payment through a PayPal or bank account. An international payment method will work here. But, if you give your voice cover for any institution in your city, the international payment method will be optional. Instead, you can withdraw your wages from the institution or the nearest bank account.

Bottom lines

Making money with voice is an enjoyable task. It is also a creative task because not everyone can do it frequently. So, people with a good voice should find a job in the sector of voice artists.

Do you need to get a chance in any program? Do not worry, you can purchase a microphone, make the room soundproof by attaching necessary carpets here, write a good concept and recite it, and finally, post the video on your YouTube channel. If your content becomes viral, you can easily start earning money within a short amount of time.


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