How to make extra money on the weekends?

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Sometimes your necessity may cross the limitation. As a result, the entire salary can only fulfill some of your demands. 

When a person faces this situation, he thinks about how to earn sufficient money within a short amount of time. If a man had no duty, he could use his full time to work. But, as he has a job, he should choose the extra works to do in his free time or on weekends.

Although a part-time job can not equal a full-time job, it can benefit you. Significantly, when you do not find a way to manage sufficient money, a small amount of money will be a lot of things for you.

Some ways of making extra money on the weekends

Although you should not waste the weekends to earn money, you should do it when there is no other way. There are several suitable ways to make money, and they are easy. If you want to be an expert in these works, you should practice them much.

i) Become a freelance writer

Become a freelance writer

If you have good writing skills in English, you can easily become a freelance writer. You must purchase domain hosting and then make a website to publish your works on Google. If your writing skill improves, you can easily earn much money from Google. However, you can also earn only by writing without purchasing any domain. To do this task, search for works on marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer, etc., and then identify who wants only writing. Then, you can judge their desired topics and write according to their expectations.

ii) Become an online tutor

You may have good skills in any academic subject. You can start online tuition to earn extra money on your weekend. You must post an advertisement about your teaching qualification and communicate with you to get this opportunity. You can use social media or any other media to post your advertisement. You can start teaching if you get students. It is also possible to teach students by using Zoom.

iii) Become a nanny or a babysitter

Become a nanny or a babysitter

This work can be enjoyable if you enjoy playing with the children. However, the work can also be profitable because you only get an extra amount of money by playing with the children whose parents are busy. 

iv) Become a pet sitter

It is another job and enjoyable for people who love pet animals. Some animal owners are so busy with their official tasks that they need more time to care for their pet animals. You can easily get a lot of money if you do the job.

v) Become a rideshare driver

Start ridesharing

You may have a good skill of driving a bike or car, so you can easily earn money by ridesharing. You must keep your driving license, insurance, and additional papers of the vehicle. Otherwise, you should not drive professionally.

vi) Become an accountant in a small business

Become an accountant in a small business

The big business farms hire professional and full-time accountant officers. Doing the jobs for you is only possible if you have been engaged in work. So, choose a small business to be a part-time accountant officer in your free time.

vii) Take surveys

If you are 18 years old and like to collect several types of information, you can choose a survey to earn money. There are several surveys available in a country on various topics. As a surveyor, you should always keep a smartphone and a good internet connection, 

However, there is no other specific qualification necessary for a surveyor. Surveying may be your full-time job. But, if you are engaged in any other job,

viii) Start a food delivery job

Start a food delivery job

If you want to earn extra money on the weekend, you may start the food delivery job instantly. You can easily deliver food in your free time. You can only do it sometimes, but if you have a different full-time job, you can deliver food only to earn extra money.

Delivering food is a good way to earn without any investment.

ix) Become a photographer

Become a photographer

Photography is a passion of many people. But it can also be good work for earning money. You should acquire good photography skills if you want to earn money. Many people hire photographers on weekends to save their memories. You can be their best companion, earn money and enjoy the time.

x) Virtual assistant

Virtual Assistant

There are a lot of assignments in an office, and the office management can only do some of them. So, they should find out some workers to complete the official task. In this situation, the office takes some virtual assistants to complete the rest of the tasks. This job is remote, and you can easily complete all the tasks with good experience. The task is hard but can be easier after practicing for several days.

xi) Start a youtube channel

Start a YouTube channel.

If you have good knowledge about any specific topic, you can make videos and publish them on your youtube channel. You will benefit from youtube if you can earn many subscribers. Operating a youtube channel is very easy. You should record your video with a good camera and then post it on youtube. You can also add several hashtags on the video description about your topic so that people may find you easily.

xii) Video editing at home

Video editing at home

Nowadays, youtube channel owners and many other institutions hire part-time video editors to make suitable videos for their companies. You can apply for these jobs if you have good editing skills. However, you can also learn this task from the institutions that provide training in editing. 

xiii) Start graphics designing

It is a popular way to earn from graphic designing and canva designing. If your design skill is good, you can earn much money by performing these tasks. You can also take these works for doing at your weekend. However, a huge number of full-time freelancers earn a good amount of money from graphics designing.

xiv) Become a chef

Become a chef

Can you cook delicious foods? So, why are you thinking about earning extra money? You can cook delicious foods and take orders from people to deliver them to their houses. If you can keep a standard level on the food, you can earn a lot of money in your free time.

xv) Start dropshipping

Become a chef

You can easily start a dropshipping business if you know the internet well. First, you have to make a good business website. Select some products and attach the photos and links to your website. Finally, you can get a commission on the products if the buyers purchase them from your site. Moreover, you should only do a few things for your dropshipping business so that you can choose it as your weekend job.

xvi) Earn money online by fashion designing

Some people like to design dresses. If you learn T-shirt and pant design, you can utilize these skills for earning. You may get some small orders and complete the task on weekends or at night every day.

xvii) Be a part-time insurance broker

Be a part-time insurance broker

It is another way of earning sufficient money in your free time. You must keep information about your city’s reputed insurance companies to do this job. Now, look for clients who want to know the necessary information from any insurance company. You can serve them by providing information on insurance premium rates, liability, etc. You should also tell them which insurance company is best for your consideration.

xviii) Become an artist

Become an artist

If art is your passion, and you have a good picture-making experience, you can use it to earn money. Make the pictures, then sell them to the people needing them. The artworks are also exhibited in several programs and exhibition halls. 

Several sites purchase artwork with a good amount of money. You should find websites like Shopify, Etsy, Shutterstock, etc. According to the website, Amazon also purchases your artwork to resell them if your work can maintain a standard.

xix) Sell unused gift cards

Sell unused gift cards

Some online retailers provide gift cards for customers. You may purchase the essentials without cost if you have some gift cards. If the products are optional, you can sell them to those needing them.

There is another way of making money from gift cards. You have to collect the cards when you get a discount rate with them. After that, you can profit by selling the cards for more money to other people.

xx) Start a car washing/car repairing business

Start a car washing/car repairing business

Do you love cars? You can make car washing your occupation. If you want to earn extra money, you can wash the cars on the weekends. However, you can also do car washing and car repairing your occupation. You must know the proper ways of repairing every part of a car and establish a showroom beside a road. If you repair the vehicles well, the number of customers will be increased.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to earn money without any investment?

Earning money with an investment is tuff but possible. If you are skilled, you can easily do it. Suppose you want to earn money by posting content on websites; you have to spend money to purchase domain hosting. But, if you want to become a delivery man or a babysitter, you do not have to invest anything.

Can I earn $10k a month?

Earning $ 10k a month is hard but possible. If you want to do it, you can do several jobs, including freelancing. Moreover, you can start a dropshipping business, make a dairy farm, become a ridesharing driver, or do any other thing that is permitted by the law of your country. If you have a good skills and experience in your job, you can easily start earning $10k per month.

How can I make money every day?

There are several ways of making money daily. You can start a grocery shop and sell items. Establishing a grocery shop is easy because you only need to invest a little money. However, there is a small possibility of losing the investment in a grocery shop if the investment is too low.

Bottom lines

No one can deny that money is one of the most essential things in our lives. We should earn money whenever we get any opportunity. However, it would be the best way to deal with the acute financial crisis in the present world.

However, we mentioned various ways of making money on the weekends in this article. You can choose any of them according to your skill, interest, financial possibility, and environment. Finally, you should be very careful before starting a business so that it becomes a manageable loss. First, you can start a small business to recover the cost of the products if it fails.


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