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Marivic Flaherty


Freelancing is now one of the best occupations in this modern world. Flexibility in working, huge earning opportunities, no age limitation, worldwide acceptability, and several reasons made the freelancing occupation popular. It takes work to start freelancing in a day. Although freelancing is flexible, it needs hard work and dedication.

Freelancing can only be performed with trusted media. Several websites work as media for freelancers. Every freelance worker should have sufficient knowledge about these websites.


Possibly, is now the most trusted and user-friendly website for freelancers. Almost every type of freelancing work, including graphics designing, website development, content writing and copywriting, kgr, website research, audit, etc., are available on If you are an experienced worker and know the entire working process in any specific sector, you should make a Fiverr profile, update a well-decorated gig, and then search for clients. The previous performance will determine whether you can get the next job.

Some clients do not give jobs to the workers on Fiverr because there is no guarantee that the worker can do the work efficiently. Some other clients give some small pieces to check the worker. So, if you want to get some profitable jobs from Fiverr clients, you should be hired for a small position the first time and then complete the work properly.


It is another trusted site for freelancers. also has popularity. This company has a large followers list on social media.

But, there are also some fake clients in this media. So, the workers should be careful about them. Significantly, you should verify the new clients by taking some smaller work to complete. When you can be sure your client is trusted, you can be hired for his larger job opportunities for longer.

  • Upwork

It is a friendly website for beginners because it lets you send client proposals. You can start the proposal-sending activity when you learn any freelancing work like writing, designing, or website making. If your working ability is well, and you can prove you are a trusted worker, you can build up a good career in Upwork. It is free to join and create an account on Upwork. But you have to pay 20%. After being professional, you can change this site to avoid paying the money.

In 2022, Upwork was ranked as one of the 100 most influential companies in the world. Then, the company’s average revenue was between 200 million to 1 billion.

  • People Per Hour

It is another freelancing community, and it is trusted among freelancers. Graphics designing, social media marketing, content writing, and many other works are available here. Creating a good profile is a mandatory task for people per hour. Now, you should get clients and then complete the charges if you want to be paid by the clients.

The major goal of people per hour is empowering the clients to be successful freelancers and earn money by selling their work.

  • LinkedIn

It is another way to find a job most easily. But, you should only try to find a job with good knowledge. First, you should learn a specific freelancing work properly. Now, you can make a LinkedIn account and decorate the report carefully so that the clients can be impressed after looking at the performance.

LinkedIn is also a social media platform. So you can connect to the clients as a service provider. Moreover, there are many groups and pages on LinkedIn where you can join and apply for job circulars. These job circulations allow you to work easily from home.

  • Toptal

If you want to work as a product manager or a finance expert, you can join and be registered on this site. This marketplace was founded in 2010, and now it works for freelancers in banking, healthcare, e-commerce, and other sectors. It is a challenging task to find a job in Toptal. The name ‘Toptal’ indicates ‘top talent.’ Significantly, only one of the thousand applicants is seen by Toptal. However, less than 3% of workers in Toptal are accepted for working in Toptal.

So, if you want to get a freelancing job in Toptal, you must be well-known about your task and practice the work more and more. Finally, you must apply for the job and pass the screening process. Although finding jobs in Toptal is more complex than getting jobs in Upwork or Freelancer, Toptal gives higher security and trust for the positions.


If you are a designer, editor, translator, or writer, can be one of the best websites for you. Significantly, it is a suitable website for people to find a proper job according to their qualifications. The advantage of Servicescape is – you can contact clients in several ways, including messaging or making phone calls. However, the website has a free trial advantage; no card is required here.

  • Flex jobs

The name ‘FlexJobs’ defines that it is a website for providing you the flexible schedule jobs. The profile-making process in Flex Jobs is easier and quicker. There is another advantage of FlexJob. Whenever any client posts a job opportunity, FlexJobs will alert you by email. Moreover, this site is a low-cost provider of remote jobs, so newcomers can always choose it without hesitation.

However, if you are a short-term job seeker, you can purchase the monthly package of FlexJobs for only $14.95. But, if you want to work for a year in FlexJobs, you can buy the yearly package for $49.95.

  • Codeable

If you are a WordPress developer, can be the best site to find a freelancing job. If you can be engaged in a development project in Codeable, you can be paid from $70 to $120 per hour. So, there is a good chance to build up your career on this website.

  • Solidgigs

The advantage of Solidgigs is – it allows the workers to have quick access to the interview after applying for any project. So, you should face any hassle after joining this site.

There is a variety range of job fields on this website. Moreover, some new jobs are available daily and posted and updated regularly. So, the new freelancers can easily find their desired positions and apply there.

  • Hireable

It is one of the best websites for connecting clients to job seekers to complete their tasks. If you can work on this website efficiently, your rank will be increased. Therefore, you can be hired by the clients with a better value.

  • Task Rabbit

This site is not fully freelancing, but working on this site is very similar to freelancing. Personal assistants, house cleaning, delivery service, and these types are available on this site. As a freelancer, you can take client orders and search for workers. But, you can do this task by working at home, and get some commission for searching the workers.

  • 99 designs

Are you a designer? Do you want to build your freelancing career with logos and other graphical designs? Do not worry 99 Designs is such a platform that created many job opportunities for designers.

However, this website is free to sign up. After signing up, you can easily start freelancing by searching for job providers. This site has another advantage: you can set up your work price. Therefore, you can sell your own designed product. Moreover, you can find clients and work on their projects.

  • Time etc

Do you want to get a chance to work from home full-time? If you want that, you can choose Time etc. However, this website also allows you to complete your official tasks remotely. So, you can easily get work-from-home opportunities.

There are several categories of jobs in Time etc. including marketing jobs, including marketing, researching, event planning, scheduling, email management, etc. But, workers who do not live in the United States can not apply here.

  • SimplyHired

There are several tasks on the website SimplyHired. The charges are data entry, human resources, finance, etc. Some free job tools on this website are so friendly to job seekers. However, you can also get email alerts from this website. But, there is a problem with the website too. There are some spam offers from unreliable job providers, so you should be careful about them.

  • Remotive

There is another site which is It is an excellent site for freelancers to work from home. There are more than 2500 companies in Remotive. These institutions take a large number of candidates to complete their work properly.

Remote companies always post some job offers here. As a worker, you must check job opportunities and judge whether you are eligible for the job post. Marketing sales, data customer service, software development, design, finance, and other job options are available here. You must apply for the job if you have a good experience in the job sector.

  • Upstack

The annual revenue of is about  $25 million to $50 million. As a new freelancer, there is an excellent opportunity in Upstack because there are several ways of working on this freelancing site. More than 129 thousand people visited this website. But, the disadvantage of Upstack is – it requires a minimum monthly cost to continue the business. The price is $ 12k to $ 15k. So, it is only a good way to start working in Upstack with proper freelance work knowledge because you can only cover the cost with a good income.

  • Clickworker

Some workers have good marketing experience and love working with their flexible schedules. The Clickworker is a suitable website for these freelance workers. If you have a computer or mobile phone, and a good quality internet connection in your house, you can start working in clickworker. There is an excellent opportunity to negotiate in Clickworker. You can decide your working time and the rate of how much the company has to pay you to complete the work.

  • Guru

If you want to have secure payment for your freelancing jobs and free membership, you can choose This website has programming, marketing, business, finance, and other valuable job opportunities. Moreover, there are writing and translation jobs that you can easily do if you are a beginner. Design and art jobs are also available here for workers with extraordinary talent.

To get a suitable job from this website, you must browse it and search for the jobs from the list. Then, you have to match the jobs with your qualification. You should submit quotes, and finally, you can be hired if the client likes your profile.

Guru is such a website where both freelancers and employers can work together.

  • All freelance writing

It is another site to find writing jobs quickly. Book editing, news writing, lifestyle-related writing, etc., are available for beginners and experts. There are several content writing options in several payment ranges. You can easily withdraw money after submitting your work properly. Both PayPal and credit cards are suitable for drawing.

  • Writer Access

This website suits writers from Australia,  Canada, Ireland, the United States, the United Kingdom, etc. There is another advantage of the website. If you are a writing beginner without experience, feel free because the company offers free training. So, you should take the training and need help to be experienced in content marketing.

  • AngelList

There are several startup companies in AngelList, and they are looking for talented and experienced workers. So, if you want to get a job, you must apply for it. To get a suitable job in a good position on this site, you have to make a good profile here. You can also show your CV and some work samples as an experience. If the clients are impressed after considering your qualification, they will provide you with a job.

  • Indeed

The primary mission of Indeed is to help people to get jobs. So, this website is very friendly to the job seekers. To get a suitable job, you must create an account here and then upload a cv and resume. These tasks will help inform the clients about you to get a good job. But, there is also an option to search for jobs without creating an account, so you can be friendly to the job titles and prepare you well. However, Indeed is a trusted job-providing online company that allows you to work remotely and withdraw money easily.

  • Authentic Jobs

Several full-time, part-time, and remote jobs are available on this website. If you are a web designer or a developer, you can easily apply for the jobs on this website. Most of the job providers in Authentic Jobs are from the US. Front-end engineering, marketing operations, sales, and product management are also available jobs on this website.

  • Zirtual

If you want to work as a virtual assistant, you can create an account in Zirtual. The hiring process in Zirtual takes work. So, you should practice your work properly to get good jobs here.

  • Contently

It is a popular website for expert content writers that started its journey in 2011. Someone thinks that Contently is a suitable website only for content writers. But, it is not true at all. Photography, content creation, videography, and designing jobs are available on this website. Generally, USA people are the users of contently, but people in other countries also use it.

  • Testilo

It is a website for freelance job testing. This website was founded in 2012 and has been working to detect bugs in the websites. Now, more than ten thousand workers are working on this website. You can choose daytime or night to see website bugs according to your free time.

The app testing website Testilo provides suitable quality workers with some relevant jobs. So, to work with this site, you must earn quality first.

  • Fancy hands

This website can give you a suitable profession of virtual assistant. If you have a good capacity in time management, data entry, phone call making, or text messaging, you can apply for the jobs on this site. Most Fancy Hands users are from the USA so you can get USA clients.

  • Proz. com

Are you a translator? Do you want to develop your freelancing career with a translating job? You can choose this website because Proz. com gives a larger translating job opportunity for freelancers. You can easily log in to the website and get the jobs at home. You can also do these jobs remotely, but you must submit the work timely.

  • Urban Pro

Do you have a good experience in the teaching profession? You can also take this profession as freelancing because Urban Pro can make it easier. You may earn a lot of money if you teach 1st to 5th-grade students about their necessary subjects. Moreover, there are other essential subjects, including freelancing, art and crafts, and others. You can earn a lot of money, but you must get a premium membership before you start teaching. Before starting a job on this website, you should be skilled in your sector.

  • DesignHill

DesignHill is an online marketplace for creative workers who work with graphics and DIY tools. Some companies need high-quality designs for using them in various essential works. If you have good design experience, you can apply for the jobs on this website. The website was established in 2014 and is now considered a global marketplace. So, you can easily make a good career on this website, but you must practice because you have to face hard competition with the experts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I sign up for multiple freelancing sites?

Some freelancers think signing up for multiple freelancing sites increases the possibility of getting jobs quickly. But, it is incorrect because it also decreases the chance of ranking of the clients.

Is it true that freelancers earn six figures?

Freelancing is such a service that is performed to make money. There is no other significant intention for the freelancers. The freelancing job providers always give some valuable work to the freelancers. Finally, the freelance workers complete and submit the work to the clients. It is easy to earn six figures in freelancing. If you work in a reputed company and freelance in your free time, you can earn a lot of money monthly. However, freelancing works is also possible to make money in poor countries.

Is freelancing a complex task?

There are various types of work in the freelancing sector. Both of the results are hard and need much hard work. But you should remember that it takes work to get in the world. So, if you want to succeed in the freelance working sector, you must perform with struggle and patience.

What is the best website for freelancing?

Different websites are suitable for additional freelancer workers. But, now the workers prefer websites that give all the working opportunities. Suppose Designhill or 99 design sites are ideal for graphical jobs. The workers who know web development can not apply for the jobs here. But Fiverr, Upwork, LinkedIn, etc., are suitable for providing almost all job types here. So, the workers mostly provide these sites.

Still, the other sites are also necessary for providing specific jobs for specific people. Moreover, newcomers can not dare to make an account and choose clients from popular websites. So, they select obscure ones for practice.

Bottom Lines

A good effort is a must in freelancing. However, you may fail as a worker, but you should maintain hope. Popular freelancing sites always try to find the best clients’ workers. So, workers should only start working with a piece of proper knowledge.


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