Top 7 Online Legal Services Ranked and Reviewed

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As a legal industry professional, I understand the importance of having access to reliable and efficient online legal services. In this blog post, we will investigate the online legal services sector and analyze some of its leading players to determine how they can aid with both basic and intricate matters, as well as explain their operational principles for potential users.

We’ll discuss how these providers can assist with a variety of legal issues ranging from general advice to complex matters. We’ll look at the mechanics of these services and what users can anticipate when utilizing them for their own legal necessities.

You’ll learn about customizable legal documents, full on-call legal teams, lawyer directories, registered agent services and more. We’ll also touch upon topics such as document defense service and compliance assistance.

Furthermore, we’ll highlight some key features that set certain providers apart from others including their customer service offerings and pricing structures. Finally, we’ll provide tips on how to choose an online legal service provider that is right for you based on your specific needs.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to navigating through the world of online legal services or simply seeking additional information before making a purchase decision – look no further! This blog post has got you covered!

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Online legal services are an invaluable asset for entrepreneurs looking to make money online. They provide access to lawyers and customizable documents, making the process of starting a business much easier. Here is a list of the top seven online legal service providers ranked and reviewed:

Rocket Lawyer offers a vast range of forms that can be customized at great value. The straightforward design of Rocket Lawyer’s website makes it easy to find and customize forms at a great value. LegalNature also provides affordable document creation with an intuitive design, but does not offer yearly price discounts like Law Depot does. Harbor Compliance is another option, offering advanced functionality despite its higher pricing model.

For those in need of specific features or assistance, Forbes Advisor’s Top Picks are worth considering as well. US Legal Forms has two plans – Basic Plan (for individuals) & Pro Plan (for businesses). ZenBusiness helps you form your LLC quickly by guiding you through every step of the process; from obtaining licenses and permits to filing taxes and more. Finally, Avvo connects users directly with local attorneys based upon their state/zip code location; providing free consultations for any legal questions or issues they may have encountered along the way.

Top 7 Online Legal Services Ranked And Reviewed

To sum up, there are numerous potentials for those seeking dependable online legal services to establish their own enterprise or earn money on the internet. With these seven providers ranked and reviewed here today, entrepreneurs should be able to find exactly what they need without having to break the bank.

Overall, the top online legal services offer an extensive and practical answer for entrepreneurs wishing to launch their own venture. US Legal Forms is an excellent choice if you are in need of document creation services with two different plans tailored to individual needs.

Document Creation Services


Document creation services are essential for anyone looking to start their own business and make money online. Online legal service providers specialize in creating customized documents tailored according to specific requirements, such as wills, living trusts, financial power attorney documents, healthcare directives along with general personal matters’ help. US Legal Forms offers two plans – Basic Plan (for individuals) & Pro Plan (for businesses). The Basic plan includes the ability to create up to five legal forms at a time while the Pro plan provides access to an unlimited number of forms. Both plans offer customizable templates that can be easily modified according to individual needs and preferences. With these services you can quickly create legally binding contracts or agreements without having any prior knowledge of law or legal jargon. Furthermore, these services offer a safe environment for all confidential data, keeping it shielded from any outside intrusions and identity theft attempts. They also have customer support available 24/7 if you need assistance understanding the process or have questions about your document’s legality. In short, these online legal services are great for those who want professional-grade documents without breaking the bank or wasting valuable time trying to learn complex laws on their own.

Document Creation Services offer an efficient and convenient way to create legal documents for individuals or businesses. ZenBusiness presents a complete service that streamlines the procedure of forming LLCs, making it more straightforward than ever.

Business Formation Assistance


Business formation assistance is a critical part of launching an online business. The right platform can help you navigate the legal aspects of setting up your venture and ensure that all required documents are in order. ZenBusiness is one such service that offers comprehensive LLC formation assistance, guiding users through every step of the process with ease.

ZenBusiness helps entrepreneurs create their own LLCs quickly and affordably, providing personalized advice to those looking to start their own businesses. They offer a variety of services including registered agent services, name availability checks, document filing and compliance monitoring. With this platform, users have access to knowledgeable legal professionals who can provide them with advice on setting up an LLC or other corporate structure. Customers are granted perpetual access to complimentary customer service.

Business formation assistance is a great way to get started with your own business, and Avvo’s attorney matching platform can help you find the right lawyer for your needs. With its comprehensive search engine and extensive network of local attorneys, it provides an easy solution for those looking to take their business ideas from concept to reality.

Key Takeaway: ZenBusiness offers a comprehensive suite of LLC formation services to help entrepreneurs quickly and affordably get their business off the ground. They provide personalized advice from experienced attorneys, free customer support, document filing assistance, name availability checks and compliance monitoring – giving customers all they need to hit the ground running.

Attorney Matching Platforms

Attorney Matching Platforms

Attorney matching platforms provide an easy way to connect with a local lawyer. Avvo is one of the leading services, connecting users directly with attorneys based on their state and zip code location. This platform makes it simple for individuals to find the right legal representation without having to search through numerous law firms or directories.

Avvo also provides a wide range of legal advice from registered agents, licensed attorneys, and prospective lawyers who can answer any questions related to complex legal matters such as family law or general legal advice. Avvo provides the ability to buy personalized documents according to one’s needs and also offers free meetings with an expert before making a decision. Additionally, Avvo’s document defense service helps ensure that all paperwork is accurate and up-to-date in order to protect its clients’ interests in court proceedings.

For those seeking more comprehensive assistance than what Avvo offers, there are other online services available such as LegalShield which provides access to a full on-call legal team who specialize in various areas of law including business formation assistance and document creation services. Law Depot is another popular option that offers similar services as LegalNature but without yearly price discounts while Rocket Lawyer provides an extensive library of forms for customization at great value prices. Finally, Forbes Advisor’s Top Picks for Small Businesses offer guidance when selecting the best provider depending on specific features or help needed from experts in the field.

Key Takeaway: Avvo is a leading online legal service that makes it easy to find the right lawyer based on location, while LegalShield and Law Depot provide more comprehensive assistance. Forbes Advisor’s Top Picks for Small Businesses provides guidance when selecting the best provider depending on specific needs.

What source online would you think is the most reliable for finding a quality lawyer?

The ABA’s directory, which contains ratings and reviews from other clients to assist in making a decision, is the best place to find a reliable lawyer. The ABA provides an online directory of lawyers who are members in good standing. Additionally, they provide ratings and reviews from other clients to help make an informed decision. Furthermore, many states have bar associations that offer additional resources such as referral services and legal advice hotlines. Finding an experienced legal professional in your area of need can be made simple with the available resources.

The best legal document website is It provides a comprehensive range of services, from creating customized contracts to filing for trademarks and copyrights. LegalZoom’s library of articles and resources on business law allows users to stay informed quickly and conveniently. Additionally, its customer service team is on hand to help with any queries or document requirements via phone or email. Overall, LegalZoom is the ideal choice for any online legal requirements.

What are the best platforms for lawyers?

The best platforms for lawyers depend on their individual needs and goals. For those looking to start a practice, online legal services such as UpCounsel or LegalZoom are great options that provide access to a wide range of clients and resources. Those seeking more specialized advice may want to consider virtual law firms like LexPact or MyCase, which offer tailored solutions for specific types of cases. Attorneys may also use social media networks like LinkedIn and Twitter to cultivate an online presence and network with potential customers. No matter the platform chosen, lawyers should ensure they have the necessary tools in place for success.

Is there an alternative to LegalShield?

Yes, there are alternatives to LegalShield. These include services such as Rocket Lawyer and UpCounsel, which offer similar legal services at a lower cost than LegalShield. They provide access to experienced attorneys who can help with contracts, trademarks, business formation documents and more. Additionally, many law firms offer customized packages that allow entrepreneurs to pay for only the specific legal assistance they need on an as-needed basis.


In conclusion, it is important to research the 7 best online legal services ranked and reviewed before making a decision. Each of these platforms provides various features that may be advantageous for your individual needs. It is imperative to comprehend any associated expenses with each service as well as any other potential extra costs you may incur in order to guarantee that you are obtaining the maximum value from your chosen platform. Ultimately, taking the time to compare all seven options will help ensure that you find an online legal service provider which meets all of your requirements.


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