Highest Income Side Hustle: 5 Options Requiring Only Wifi and Laptop

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If you’re looking to start earning extra income without leaving your home, this article is perfect for you. We’ve ranked the top 5 highest income side hustles that only require wifi and a phone or laptop. These online business opportunities can help turn your spare time into a lucrative venture.

No matter your technical proficiency, there’s a side hustle for you. From professional services like freelance bookkeeping to creative ventures such as content creation on platforms like Vocal, these side hustle ideas offer flexibility and significant earning potential.

We’ll also explore popular side hustles such as affiliate marketing and tutoring students online which have proven successful for many individuals worldwide. So if you’re ready to make money fast with just your internet connection and device, continue reading about these 5 ranked highest income side hustles that only require wifi and a phone/laptop.

Table of Contents:

Professional Services Side Hustles


The digital era has revolutionized work, making it possible to earn big bucks from home. One lucrative opportunity is offering professional services as side hustles. As more companies embrace remote working and lean on contractors to reduce costs, there’s a growing demand for niche tech skills like Android app development.

Mastering Tech Fields

Tech fields offer profitable niches where you can flex your expertise. If you’re a coding whiz or IT guru, consider offering your services online. Platforms like Upwork and Freelancer connect businesses with professionals who have specific skill sets.

No degree? No problem. Many successful programmers and consultants are self-taught or have taken online courses through sites like Coursera or Udemy. Building expertise in high-demand areas can lead to lucrative contracts that fatten your wallet.

Freelance Bookkeeping or Proofreading

If tech isn’t your thing, other professional services can still bring in the dough. Freelance bookkeeping is on the rise as small businesses seek cost-effective financial management solutions.

Sites like BookMinders connect freelance accountants with clients who need their services, all from the comfort of home. Proofreading is another promising field if you have a keen eye for detail and killer grammar skills. Platforms like ProofReadingServices offer flexible work schedules and decent paychecks for eagle-eyed proofreaders.

In this age of tech-driven convenience, turning professional skills into side hustles is a breeze – all you need is Wi-Fi, a laptop or phone, and some dedication. Whether it’s coding Android apps or proofreading manuscripts, there’s plenty out there waiting just for you.

Online Platforms for Non-Tech Savvy Individuals


For those without a technical aptitude, fear not. The digital realm is full of possibilities that don’t necessitate complex tech abilities or know-how. Two such platforms are Fiverr and Vocal, which have been making waves in the online side hustle scene.

Earning through Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace where freelancers can offer their services to clients worldwide. You can earn hundreds of dollars every month passively on this platform with minimal marketing efforts required. Whether your talent lies in writing, graphic design, voiceovers, or even relationship advice – there’s a place for it on Fiverr.

  • Create a compelling profile: Show off your skills and experiences to attract clients.
  • Offer competitive pricing: Start with lower prices until you build up reviews and credibility.
  • Promote your gigs: Share them on social media to reach more people.

The key to success on Fiverr is delivering quality work consistently and maintaining good communication with your clients.

Making money with Vocal

Vocal isn’t just about singing; it’s also a platform that pays users for creating content across various categories like culture, entertainment, lifestyle, and more. It’s perfect if you love expressing yourself through words but aren’t quite ready to start your own blog yet.

  • Create engaging stories: Write about topics you’re passionate and knowledgeable about – authenticity attracts readers.
  • Promote Your Stories: Share them via social media channels to increase visibility and earnings.
  • Participate in Challenges: Vocal often hosts challenges where creators compete for cash prizes by submitting relevant stories within the challenge theme.

In essence, these platforms provide non-tech savvy individuals an opportunity to monetize their unique talents from anywhere globally without leaving home – all they need is Wi-Fi access and either a phone or laptop.

Key Takeaway: 

Fiverr and Vocal are online platforms that offer opportunities for non-tech savvy individuals to make money from home. Fiverr allows freelancers to offer various services, while Vocal pays users for creating content in different categories. Both platforms require a compelling profile, competitive pricing, and promotion on social media to succeed.

Flexible Work Options for Students


The digital era has created a wealth of chances for students to gain an income while attending school. With just Wi-Fi and a device, they can dive into various online side hustles that offer flexibility and decent pay.

Become a Content Creator

One option is to become a content creator. You can create engaging blog posts, videos, podcasts, or social media updates that attract viewers and followers. Platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are popular among content creators due to their massive user base and monetization options.

To succeed, you need creativity, consistency in posting quality content, understanding your audience, and using SEO strategies to boost visibility on search engines. It may seem daunting at first, but it becomes second nature with time.

Sell Digital Printables on Etsy

Another profitable option is selling digital printables on platforms like Etsy. These can include printable planners, wall art designs, or even e-books that customers can download instantly after purchase.

  • Easy setup: Setting up an Etsy shop is a breeze with step-by-step guidance provided by the platform.
  • Creative freedom: You have complete control over what you create based on your skills and interests.
  • Potential earnings: Your earnings depend on how effectively you market your products.

This business model offers scalability since once created, these products can be sold repeatedly without additional work, except for occasional listing updates if needed.

So, whether you’re making YouTube videos or designing printables for Etsy, students can make money online while still focusing on their academics.

Affiliate Marketing: The Digital Money Maker

The Digital Money Maker

As the digital world evolves, affiliate marketing remains a profitable online side hustle. With just Wi-Fi and a device, you can make bank from home.

Starting Affiliate Marketing

Earn passive income by promoting other people’s products. Make money each time someone buys through your referral link. Choose products that align with your audience’s interests.

  • Create a blog or website around a specific niche to promote these products.
  • Join affiliate programs related to your niche and create valuable content that subtly promotes these products.
  • Use SEO strategies to drive organic traffic to your site, leading potential customers straight to those product links.

This method has turned many blogs into full-time businesses without leaving home.

Podcasting: The Cash-Flowing Talk Show

Podcasting has become a high-income venture. Share your insights on topics you’re passionate about while making money. Plan, create quality content, and promote strategically.

  1. Pick topics you love discussing during episodes, from entrepreneurship tips to book reviews.
  2. Determine your target audience based on your chosen theme.
  3. Create engaging episode outlines/scripts with valuable information listeners won’t easily find elsewhere.

Note: Monetize your podcast through sponsorships, merchandise sales, or premium content subscriptions. All achievable without leaving your home.

Tutoring and Other Creative Ventures


The internet has opened up a range of possibilities for those seeking to generate income without having to leave their residence. With just Wi-Fi and a device, you can dive into various side hustles like online tutoring, selling photography prints, dropshipping products, and running YouTube paid ads.

Tutoring Students Online

One high-income side hustle that requires only your expertise in a particular subject is online tutoring. Platforms like Cambly, TutorOcean, and Preply provide the perfect platform for this kind of work. You get to choose your working hours while helping students from all over the world improve their skills or learn new ones. The best part is that these platforms handle all administrative tasks so you can focus solely on teaching.

Selling Photography Prints

If you have an eye for capturing beautiful moments through the lens of a camera, then selling photography prints could be your ideal side hustle. Websites like Fine Art America allow photographers to sell their works as wall art or printed merchandise with ease.

Dropshipping Products

Dropshipping is another excellent option if you’re interested in e-commerce but don’t want to deal with inventory management issues associated with traditional retail businesses. By setting up an online store using platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce and partnering with suppliers who fulfill orders on behalf of your business, you can run a successful dropshipping operation right from home.

Running YouTube Paid Ads

Last but not least are YouTube paid ads – one more way people are making money without stepping foot outside their front door. If creating video content isn’t quite your thing but marketing is something you’re good at, consider learning how to run effective ad campaigns on YouTube via Google AdWords. You might also find it useful checking out resources such as the HubSpot Academy’s course on YouTube Marketing.

Key Takeaway: 

The internet has opened up opportunities for high-income side hustles that can be done from home with just a Wi-Fi connection and a device. Some options include online tutoring, selling photography prints, dropshipping products, and running YouTube paid ads. These ventures allow individuals to make money without leaving their homes by leveraging their skills and the power of the internet.

FAQs in Relation to 5 Ranked Highest Income Side Hustle That Only Require Wifi, Phone/Laptop and Without Leaving Home

What is the best Internet side hustle?

The best internet side hustle depends on your skills and interests, but freelance digital services, affiliate marketing, online tutoring, content creation, and selling digital products are generally profitable.

How can I make an extra $2000 a month?

You can make an extra $2000 a month by freelancing, running paid ads on YouTube, starting an affiliate marketing business, or offering professional services like bookkeeping or proofreading.

What is an Internet side hustle?

An internet side hustle is any income-generating activity conducted online outside of your regular job, such as online freelancing, blogging, podcasting, or e-commerce.

How to make an extra $500 every month with this easy side hustle?

You can earn an additional $500 monthly by becoming a content creator on platforms like Vocal Media or selling digital printables via Etsy, which offer flexible work hours and require creativity.


Looking to make some extra cash from home? Here are a few high-income side hustles that require nothing more than a wifi connection and a device:

Get your tech skills on point or offer professional services like freelance bookkeeping or proofreading to rake in the dough without leaving your cozy abode.

Not a tech whiz? No problem! Platforms like Fiverr and Vocal let you turn your unique skills and talents into cold, hard cash.

Students, listen up! Become a content creator or sell digital printables on Etsy to earn some serious moolah on your own schedule.

Want to tap into the online money-making game? Try your hand at affiliate marketing or start a killer podcast for some major income potential.

And for those who love teaching or have a knack for advertising, tutoring students online or running YouTube paid ads can bring in that extra dough without ever stepping foot outside.


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