Discover the 11 Best Social Media Calendar Tools for Success

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When it comes to managing your social media presence, finding the right tools can make all the difference. In this blog post, we will explore 11 best social media calendar tools that can help streamline your content planning and scheduling process. These popular tools offer a variety of features designed to improve efficiency and collaboration among team members.

You’ll learn how Google Drive can be used for creating shared calendars, while Trello provides a visual approach to content organization. Discover comprehensive publishing suites like Sprout Social and Agorapulse that not only assist in scheduling posts but also provide valuable analytics insights. For those looking for collaborative workspaces or editorial management platforms, Evernote and StoryChief are excellent options.

We’ll also cover affordable alternatives such as PromoRepublic tailored for small businesses, along with customizable templates like HubSpot’s Content Calendar Template that integrate seamlessly with other marketing tools. By the end of this post, you’ll be able to determine which content calendar tool is most appropriate for your objectives and requirements.

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Google Drive for Social Media Calendars

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based platform that offers features like spreadsheets and documents, making it easy to create an effective social media content calendar. It also enables team collaboration by allowing multiple users access to edit files simultaneously.

Utilizing Google Sheets for creating social media calendars

To start, simply open a new Google Sheet in your Google Drive and customize the layout with columns such as date, time, platform, post type (e.g., image or video), caption text, and hashtags. This will help you organize your posting schedule across various social networks effectively.

Collaborating with your team using shared folders in Google Drive

In addition to creating a unified calendar view for all members of your social media team, you can use shared folders within Google Drive to store images or other assets related to future posts. By granting editing permissions to relevant teammates on these resources, everyone can contribute ideas and updates efficiently.

Google Drive is an excellent tool for creating and managing social media calendars with its powerful collaboration capabilities. Trello enables you to design and deploy boards specifically adapted for social media organizing, permitting fast and productive task tracking.

Trello as a Visual Content Calendar Tool


As an entrepreneur, you need efficient tools to manage your social media content calendar. Trello is a popular project management tool that uses boards and cards for organizing tasks and projects visually. Its board-based system makes it perfect for managing social media calendars while fostering team collaboration.

Setting up Trello Boards Specifically for Social Media Planning

To create a successful posting schedule, start by setting up dedicated Trello boards for each of your social media channels. This will help you keep track of diverse posting schedules and ensure consistency across platforms.

Using Labels, Due Dates, and Checklists within Trello Cards

  • Labels: Use color-coded labels to categorize posts based on themes or campaigns.
  • Due Dates: Set deadlines for creating content or scheduling posts in advance.
  • Checklists: Create task lists to streamline the process of drafting, editing, approving, and publishing content.

Incorporating these features into your Trello workflow can save time while maintaining an organized social media strategy with monthly views and daily updates on upcoming posts. Trello is an excellent social media calendar tool that can help you manage your social media efforts across multiple social media platforms. It also provides detailed social media analytics to help you track the success of your social media marketing campaigns.

Trello is an effective tool for creating visual content calendars, allowing users to easily set up boards and cards with labels, due dates, and checklists. With Sprout Social’s comprehensive publishing suite, you can take your social media planning one step further by scheduling posts and analyzing performance metrics.

Sprout Social’s Comprehensive Publishing Suite

As an all-in-one social media management tool, Sprout Social offers a comprehensive publishing suite that includes its own built-in content calendar feature. This helps you keep track of scheduled posts across different platforms effectively, ensuring your social media strategy remains consistent and organized.

  • Scheduling posts through Sprout Social’s publishing tools: With the ability to schedule posts in advance, you can create a diverse posting schedule for various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This saves time while maintaining an active online presence.
  • Analyzing performance metrics using the integrated analytics dashboard: To measure the success of your social media campaigns, Sprout Social provides detailed reports on engagement rates, follower growth trends over time-sensitive content periods like monthly views or daily views. These insights help inform future post decisions and optimize overall marketing efforts.

Sprout Social’s Comprehensive Publishing Suite is a great tool for scheduling posts and analyzing performance metrics. Additionally, Evernote provides an ideal collaborative workspace to organize campaign notes and integrate with other tools.

Evernote as a Collaborative Workspace


Although primarily known as a note-taking app, Evernote serves as an excellent collaborative workspace for your social media team. By creating shared notebooks containing relevant information about upcoming campaigns or post ideas, you can streamline the content creation process and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Organizing Campaign Notes in Shared Notebooks

Begin by setting up distinct notebooks in Evernote for every one of your social media networks or initiatives. Organizing your campaigns in separate notebooks with Evernote can make it easier for all team members to access the necessary information.

Integrating Evernote with Other Tools like IFTTT or Zapier

Beyond its built-in features, Evernote’s functionality can be extended through integrations with other tools such as IFTTT and Zapier. These services allow you to automate tasks between different apps, making it even easier to manage your social media content calendar effectively.

Evernote as a Collaborative Workspace provides an excellent platform for teams to organize their campaign notes in shared notebooks, integrating Evernote with other tools like IFTTT or Zapier. Leveraging the power of Planner – Schedule & Monitor Performance Metrics is the next step towards efficiently planning your posting schedule across various platforms and utilizing Hootsuite’s analytics dashboard to measure success.

Planner – Schedule & Monitor Performance Metrics


As an entrepreneur, it’s crucial to plan your posting schedule across various platforms and measure the success of your social media strategy. Hootsuite, a popular social media management tool, offers a comprehensive Planner feature that allows you to do just that.

  • Scheduling posts: With Hootsuite’s intuitive interface, you can easily schedule posts for different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. This helps maintain consistency in your online presence while saving time.
  • Analyzing performance metrics: The integrated analytics dashboard provides detailed reports on engagement rates or follower growth trends over time. By analyzing these insights regularly, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your content marketing efforts.

Planner – Schedule & Monitor Performance Metrics is an effective tool for creating and managing social media posts, as well as tracking the performance of your campaigns. Agorapulse provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help you effectively manage and engage with your audience on multiple platforms.

Agorapulse – Robust Publishing Tools & Interactive Calendar


Agorapulse is an all-in-one solution for managing multiple social media channels at once, offering robust publishing tools integrated within its interactive content calendar interface. This makes planning easier than ever before, as you can schedule and monitor posts across different platforms seamlessly.

Scheduling and Monitoring Posts Across Different Platforms

With Agorapulse’s publishing tools, social media marketers can create a diverse posting schedule that includes time-sensitive content such as promotions or events. The unified calendar view allows users to visualize their entire year’s worth of scheduled posts, making it easy to identify gaps in the strategy.

Engaging with Your Audience Using the Built-In Social Inbox

Besides scheduling capabilities, Agorapulse also offers a social inbox feature that helps manage interactions with your audience effectively. By consolidating messages from various social networks into one place, this tool saves time while ensuring consistent engagement levels throughout your online presence.

Agorapulse’s robust publishing tools and interactive calendar make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to manage their social media presence. StoryChief is the perfect next step in streamlining blog post scheduling, allowing teams to collaborate on content creation with ease.

StoryChief – Smart Editorial Software for Blogging


StoryChief is a smart editorial software designed specifically for blogging needs but is equally useful when applied to creating consistent posting schedules. Each story automatically generates corresponding card entries directly onto user-created calendars.

Streamlining Blog Post Scheduling with StoryChief

To streamline your blogging process, simply create and schedule posts within the platform, ensuring that you maintain a diverse posting schedule across various social media channels. Organizing your posts is made easier and more efficient by this feature.

Collaborating on Content Creation within the Platform

In addition to its scheduling capabilities, StoryChief allows multiple users to collaborate on content creation in real-time. This feature makes it an excellent tool for teams working together on their social media strategy, as they can easily share ideas and make edits simultaneously.

StoryChief is an excellent tool for streamlining blog post scheduling and collaborating on content creation, making it a great choice for entrepreneurs who want to maximize their time. ClearVoice provides the perfect platform for outsourcing creative work while keeping track of project deadlines with its integrated calendar feature.

ClearVoice – Content Creation Platform & Calendar Feature


Organizing content production can be an intimidating job, particularly when working with various independent contractors. ClearVoice is here to help by offering an all-in-one platform that not only connects you with talented writers, editors, and designers but also provides a built-in calendar feature for seamless project management.

  • Outsourcing creative work: ClearVoice’s talent network allows you to find the perfect fit for your projects while ensuring high-quality output from skilled professionals.
  • Integrated calendar: Keep track of deadlines and monitor progress using the user-friendly calendar view within the platform. This helps maintain organization and ensures timely delivery of content across various social media channels.

Incorporating ClearVoice into your social media strategy will save time and improve efficiency in managing diverse posting schedules while maintaining consistent quality in your online presence. ClearVoice is an excellent social media calendar tool that can help you manage your social media content calendar and streamline your social media management efforts.

ClearVoice is an ideal choice for those looking to outsource creative work, as it provides a comprehensive platform and calendar feature that helps you keep track of project deadlines. With Sendible’s efficient social media monitoring tool, users can easily schedule posts in advance while tracking performance metrics through detailed reports.

Sendible – Efficient Social Media Monitoring Tool


Sendible is an excellent social media monitoring tool that allows you to organize your posting schedule across multiple platforms efficiently. It provides useful insights into audience engagement levels over time, helping you optimize your social media strategy.

  • Scheduling posts in advance: Sendible’s intuitive interface makes it easy to plan and schedule posts for various social networks, ensuring a diverse posting schedule that keeps your audience engaged.
  • Analyzing performance metrics: Detailed reports within the platform help track key performance indicators such as engagement rates, follower growth trends, and more. Using the metrics collected, one can take proactive steps to shape their future content.

Incorporating Sendible into your social media management toolkit will save time while providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of your online presence. Give their free version a try today.

Sendible is an efficient social media monitoring tool that helps businesses stay organized and on top of their campaigns. It’s time to look at PromoRepublic, the affordable alternative for small businesses who need to manage content across multiple platforms.

PromoRepublic – An Affordable Alternative for Small Businesses


PromoRepublic offers an easy-to-use interface that streamlines social media management processes without breaking the bank. This affordable alternative is perfect for small businesses looking to maintain consistency in their online presence.

Creating Visually Appealing Graphics with PromoRepublic’s Design Tools

With a built-in design tool, PromoRepublic allows users to create eye-catching visuals for their social media posts, ensuring that their content stands out from the competition.

Planning and Scheduling Content Across Multiple Platforms

The platform also provides a unified calendar view of all scheduled posts, making it easier than ever to plan and schedule content across various social networks. Additionally, its analytics feature helps you track engagement rates and optimize your social media strategy.

PromoRepublic is an affordable alternative for small businesses looking to create visually appealing graphics and plan content across multiple platforms. With the HubSpot Content Calendar Template, users can customize the template to fit their needs while integrating it with other features of this powerful platform.

HubSpot Content Calendar Template – Customizable Excel Sheet

HubSpot Content Calendar Template

The HubSpot Content Calendar Template is a customizable Excel sheet designed specifically as part of its suite of inbound marketing tools. This template provides a simple yet effective way for teams to maintain organized calendars tracking all relevant post details throughout each month.

Customizing the HubSpot Calendar Template to Fit Your Needs

You can easily modify the HubSpot content calendar template according to your specific social media strategy, adding or removing columns and rows as needed. With this flexibility, you can create a diverse posting schedule that caters to different social networks and time-sensitive content.

Integrating the Template with Other HubSpot Tools and Features

To further streamline your social media management process, consider integrating the content calendar with other HubSpot marketing tools, such as their CRM system or analytics dashboard. By doing so, you’ll have access to valuable insights on engagement rates and monthly views for scheduled posts across various platforms.

FAQs in Relation to 11 Best Social Media Calendar Tools

Which social calendar tool is most commonly used?

The most commonly used social calendar tool varies depending on individual preferences and needs. However, some popular options include Google Drive for Social Media Calendars, Trello’s Board-Based System, Sprout Social’s Comprehensive Publishing Suite, and Hootsuite Planner & Analytics Reports. Each of these tools offers unique features that cater to different aspects of social media management.

What is the best content planner for social media?

The best content planner for social media depends on your specific requirements and budget. Some top choices are Sprout Social’s Comprehensive Publishing Suite, which offers a user-friendly interface for scheduling posts and analyzing performance metrics; Agorapulse with its robust publishing tools; or Sendible as an affordable alternative solution with seamless scheduling capabilities.

What makes a good social media calendar?

A good social media calendar should be easy to use, customizable to fit your unique needs, allow collaboration among team members if necessary, provide analytics reports to monitor performance over time, support multiple platforms integration (such as Facebook or Twitter), and offer automation features like post scheduling. Tools like HubSpot Content Calendar Template can help you achieve this.

How do I create a successful social media calendar?

To create a successful social media calendar:

  1. Select an appropriate tool based on your needs
  2. Analyze past performance data to inform future strategies
  3. Create engaging content tailored towards target audience interests
  4. Schedule posts consistently across various networks at optimal times
  5. Maintain open communication channels within the team using collaborative workspaces such as Evernote or ClearVoice
  6. Monitor and analyze performance metrics to continuously improve your strategy.


Managing social media can be overwhelming, but with the right tools, it can become a breeze. The 11 best social media calendar tools outlined above offer unique features to help you streamline your social media management process. From collaborative workspaces like Evernote and Google Drive to robust publishing tools like Agorapulse and Hootsuite, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re seeking to elevate your business, consider utilizing these top-rated social media calendar tools for an efficient content creation and management process. User-friendly layouts and data-driven analysis can help you craft appealing material that resonates with your viewers while saving effort and resources.


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